Sophie left her native country, the United States, after a drama she’s since always kept secret. In Paris, she divides her time between the opera, where she’s a great Swedish opera singer’s dresser, and an amateur theater company. David, the company’s director, hounds her into a corner: she cannot refuse, so stubbornly, to live and love again. Little by little, Sophie lets herself go – moved by his speeches and by the amorous games and the sensual atmosphere of Richard Strauss’ “The Knight of the Rose,” the opera currently in production. After each performance, Sophie notices a young, quiet man in the audience. She’s convinced that he comes to see the beautiful diva. But, one day he talks to her, and Sophie at last becomes the lead in her own story.


Original title: L’ÉTRANGÈRE

2006 – 1h17 – Romantic drama – France
With: Sarah Pratt, Clément Sibony, Charlotte Hellekant


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