Georges Montero, the owner of an olive mill in Oran, is a “pied-noir”,an Algerian-born Frenchman, who chose to remain in Algeria after its independence in 1962. More than 30 years later, Georges comes to France for the first time in his life for a cataract operation His surgeon, Tarek Timzert, ophthalmologist in a major Paris hospital, is a first-generation Frenchman who has cut himself off from his Algerian roots. The contact between the “pied-noir” and the tradition-blind Arab forces Georges to make a decision between remaining in France or going home to Oran, at peace with himself but at his own risk, as a civil war begins.

Original title: L’AUTRE CÔTÉ DE LA MER

1997 – 1h29 – Drama – France
With: Claude Brasseur, Roschdy Zem

Cannes – Directors’ Fortnight

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