Leaning against the buffet in a deserted station, a vague look in her eye, Sophie seems an easy prey for two loutish and arrogant soldiers. But the two machos chicken out when they realize that Sophie wields words like other people use a switchblade knife. She’s back in town after two years away. Dragging the soldiers in her wake, she sweeps like a hurricane into the hotel where Vin- cent, her eternal lover, her virtual brother whom she can’t quite define, works. Everything begins again: the maelstrom of feelings, the pain, with the sole idea of liv- ing passion to the full and escaping everyday life. Her return is their last chance.


Original title: EMMENE-MOI

1995 – 1h26 – Comedy Drama – France
With: Karin Viard, Antoine Basler, Ines De Medeiros


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