Lenny arrives in Paris to pull off a scam with the intention of disappearing as far and as fast as possible. Juliette can no longer stomach Joël, her boss, considerate lover and a stop-at-nothing dealer. Lenny-Noël : seller meets buyer and the bad vibes are free. Juliette draws Lenny into a trap, from which she emerges full of remorse even deciding to give his money back. Unfortunately for her, she takes the wrong briefcase whose valu- able contents are almost impossible to offload. Joël is gunning for her. Yet Juliette is a woman of action. Why not try to double cross everybody, take the money and scram ? For a somewhat ambiguous couple who have no intention of shooting anybody, negotiating this under- world of violent dealers and mystical clients proves to be quite an initiation. A two-some sharing such an ordeal can only but be drawn together.


Original title: LE CIEL EST À NOUS

1997 – 1h34 – Comedy / Action – France
With:Melvil Poupaud, Romane Bohringer, Jean- Philippe Ecoffey

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