In the dead of night, in the middle of an isolated wind farm, two out-of work computer programmers run a man over, killing him. Next to his body they find a bag stuffed with cash. Bank robber? Drug dealer? Who cares? Two million euros staring you in the face. No witnesses. What would you do? Call the cops or cash in on your good luck? Vigo and Sylvain don’t take long to make up their minds. The following day, a blind girl is found dead in a warehouse near the scene of the accident. What if the money was destined to pay her ransom? Then another girl is kidnapped, and worse, she’s a diabetic. The clock is ticking and the police start to panic.


Original title: LA CHAMBRE DES MORTS

2007 – 1h52 – Thriller – France
With: Mélanie Laurent, Eric Caravaca, Gilles Lellouche

French Embassy, Beijing

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