After losing his job and falling prey to desperation, the scissor and knife sharpener Artemio is seduced by Dino, an anarcho-individualist ex-lecturer, to join an unknown terrorist group of somewhat murky objectives. Artemio will meet Captain Greatzipper, an unemployed military man; Domingo Acevedo, a gambler whose wife just left him after he bet and lost the family’s possessions; Sir Bachetta, an Anarchist retiree obsessed with the libertarian utopia; and Eva, a young French girl under the care of Dino with whom Artemio falls desperately in love. Life within the group will change from the most fervent illusions, love and friendship, to bitter disappointment giving way to hatred and human vileness.


2000 – 1h30 – Drama – Spain
With: Mario Paolucci, German Da Silva, Ernesto Candoni

Mar del Plata

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