Joana loves Guillaume. Guillaume has reservations. Joana is tired. Despite the strength of their relation- ship, their love story is coming to an end. They split. Guillaume moves back to live with his father in Paris. He soon refuses to leave his little brother’s bedroom in which he settled. Joana is gone; depression is creeping over him. His brother and father try to comfort Guillaume, each in their own way, to help him overcome his heartache. Guillaume’s father looks after him with an often-excessive presence and paternal love; his brother entertains him and describes the mild extravagance of his womanizing. In the meantime, in Paris, people are getting ready for the Christmas holiday season.


Original title: DANS PARIS

2006 – 1h32 – Comedy Drama – France
With: Romain Duris, Louis Garrel, Guy Marchand, Joana Preiss

Cannes – Directors’ Fortnight

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