Paris in August. Annie is an elegant doctor criss-cross- ing Paris, visiting her patients on her scooter: Richard Piotr, a hypochondriac, Laurent Blondel, a young man who is HIV+ and has given up hope. When trouble starts, she fights hard to find a solution. How else can she feel, with that hypochondriac persecuting her, convinced that she has contaminated him? She tries psychiatry, the police and even contacts a retired contract killer. When Laurent Blondel begs her to convince him that life is worth living without love and desire, she is at a loss. How could she suspect that he would be her salvation?


Original title: J’AI HORREUR DE L’AMOUR

1997 – 2h23 – Romantic comedy – France
With: Jeanne Balibar, Jean-Quentin Chatelain, Laurent Luca


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