Jean is in bad shape and does nothing all day long. Although Nicole still loves him, his depression worsens and his anxiety attacks continue. Finally, he is admitted to a psychiatric clinic. After three weeks he feels much better and wants to hurry home to his wife. In his desire to prove to her that he is ready to face modern life, Jean gets it into his head that he should return laden with a microwave oven. With no money and only one night to find the appliance, he heads to his local bar, the Zéphyr, where he meets Clotilde, an attractive and rather drunk young woman, who immediately seduces him… But nothing comes without a price. And a microwave, well, you have to earn it.


Original title: ELECTROMÉNAGER

2000 – 1h25 – Comedy Drama – France
With: Eric Elmosnino, Muriel Solvay, Camille Japy

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