Clélia, a young and talented photographer, is hired by a Canadian scandal-sheet press baron, Lucien Mac- roi, with a view to gilding his group image. A man of power, he is surrounded by a veritable entourage made up for the most part of people of dubious intention. In opposition to this dissolute milieu, Clève, a 35-year-old editor, honest and concerned for a certain literary quality, falls head over heels in love with Clélia. Under this spell of Clèves charming awkwardness, Clélia agrees to marry him. However, her work leads her to meet Nemo, a photographer. Sharing this love of the image, of the stolen instant, their complicity blossoms into a passion- ate bonding love affair, yet lived out only through photography.


Original title: LA FIDÉLITÉ

1999 – 2h45 – Drama – France
With: Sophie Marceau, Guillaume Canet, Pascal Greggory

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