This is a modern-day tale of a young woman who sets out by train across the former Eastern Bloc towards Moscow. It is a city that haunts her and without it, she would have never left her country, back when there were still tanks and when freedom was elsewhere – in the West. In the early 1980s, Marta left Prague for Paris. Back then, it was the age of the Palace nightclub and drugs, a time when it was OK to do a little stripping or a few favours for cash to make ends meet. In the new East, everybody talks about people leaving, especially the girls. But Marta isn’t here anymore. Those who left before have no place in this new East.


Original title: A L’EST DE MOI

2008 – 1h27 – Drama – France
With: Patricia Chraskova, Carole Deffit, Laëtitia Spigarelli,
Geneviève Casile, Olivier Rambeau

Antalya Golden Orange

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