1967. Five years after fleeing Algeria, Adda has settled in Paris at 17, rue Bleue, with her two children and two sisters. She is involved in an ambivalent love affair with her boss, Merlin, who ensures the family’s comfortable living conditions. When Merlin dies, the family’s destiny takes a different turn. Obsessed by the idea of hidden treasure, Adda sees Merlin’s death as a chance to get her hands on all or some of his fortune. Doesn’t her eldest son, Chad, have a beauty mark in the palm of his left hand, a sign of great wealth according to a popular East-Algerian belief? The years pass, the family grows apart… Chad finds himself alone with his mother. He takes care of Adda, and in so doing, must also deal to the ghosts from her past.


2001 – 1h35 – Drama – France
With: Lysiane Meis, Abdel Halis


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