Déjà une très belle presse pour LA SYNDICALISTE à la MOSTRA

Le nouveau film de Jean-Paul Salomé à été projeté ce vendredi 2 septembre au cinéma Sala Darsena, et les critiques sont déjà très enthousiastes !

« Well-paced and impressively constructed, The Sitting Duck also explores the dangerously obsessive and addictive nature of power (…) injecting just enough nuance for the movie to appeal to the wider public as a fascinating work, and to encourage crucial social reflection. » – cineuropa

« “Maureen Kearney’s story is unbelievable. (…) She’s played with an electric stillness by the great Isabelle Huppert »- deadline

« What power it has derives from the knowledge that this shocking story actually happened.« – screendaily

« The Syndicalist is undoubtedly one of the films of this edition of the Venice Film Festival that we hope to see arrive in theaters. With it Salomé proves to be a multifaceted author, able to express himself even outside the codes of comedy. It is also yet another demonstration of the great talent of Isabelle Huppert, truly one of the greatest interpreters currently in activity »- cinematographe

Distribution Le Pacte
Production Le Bureau films / Co-production HEIMAT

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