Cavanna, he was charlie

François Cavanna was one of the two founders of Charlie Hebdo and Hara Kiri, well known as an irreverent protagonist of the satirical press and a renowned author. Aged 90, he was still writing for the now sadly world famous newspaper. He died just one year before the tragic attack of January 2015.

The films spans 2010 to 2015, featuring interviews of Cavanna, and those of Charlie Hebdo’s best satyrical journalists and illustrators such as Sine, Willem or Delfeil de Ton. With amazing and often hilarious archives, this documentary takes us through the history of his work and what freedom of speech really means. This is the story of the first man who could say « I am Charlie ».

cavanna, he was charlie

A film by Denis and Nina Robert

Produced by Denis and Nina Robert, Bertrand Faivre

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