Jake and Elena meet on New Year’s Eve and fall madly in love. They find a naïve delight in each other that is captivating. Just weeks in and they’re living together. They feel complete. They make love without contraception, fantasizing about having a baby.

But the baby doesn’t materialise. Pressure builds and the idea a family starts to become all they want in life. Elena feels like she’s a failure. Her previous insecurities around relationships haunt her. Jake struggles to hang on to the idea that their love is flawless and always will be. He tries to be the perfect support but flounders and hates himself for it.

They stray increasingly further away from where they began and we fear they will never find their way back. A passionate, romantic, and contemporary love story, about the struggle to remain in love when life doesn’t give you everything you want it to.


Written and Directed by Harry Wootliff

Produced by Tristan Goligher, Matthieu de Braconier, Rachel Dargavel and Claire Mundell

Co-Produced by Sean Wheelan

Starring Laia Costa and Josh O’Connor

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