Cinema Extreme Green Lit Projects FOUR projects have been commissioned in 2009 and are currently in production:
BABY written and directed by Dan MULLOY and produced by Ohna FALBY.
THE PIZZA MIRACLEwritten and directed by Tony GRISONI and produced by Mike ELLIOT.
CHALKCANDY aka GYMNASTS written and directed by Martina AMATI and produced by Gavin EMERSON
NATIVE SON written and directed by Scott GRAHAM and produced by David SMITH

FOUR projects have been green lit in 2008:

FIVE MILES OUT written and directed by Andrew HAIGH and produced by Tristan GOLIGHER.

Cass is sent away on a camping holiday with her cousins while her sister lies at home in a hospital bed

Five Miles Out is Andrew's fourth short film and he has also directed the micro-budget feature, 'Greek Pete' which has played the international festival circuit, shown in UK cinemas as part of the BFI Tour and is released on DVD in September 2009. He is developing a number of projects including an book adaptation for The Bureau. He was selected as one of Screen International's Stars of Tomorrow in 2008.

  • Berlin Film Festival 2008. Germany
  • Edinburgh Film Festival 2008. UK
  • Nashville Film Festival 2008. USA
  • Atlanta Film Festival, 2008. USA
  • Maryland Film Festival, 2008. USA
  • Mediawave, Hungary, 2008. Hungary
  • Viewfinders Film Festival, Halifax, 2008. Canada
  • International Filmets Barcelona, 2008. Spain

LITTLE RED HOODIE written and directed by Joern UTKILEN and produced by Carolynne SINCLAIR KIDD.

A young girl is told to go and deliver something to her Grandmother who is ill.

Joern Utkilen was born 07.06.1971 in Bergen, the former capital of Norway. At the age of three, Joern's parents forced him to move to Oslo, the current capital of Norway. Joern lived in Oslo until the age of twenty five. Joern then moved to Farnham in England to study film. After a year in England, Joern had had enough. Joern felt that Scotland was a much nicer place to live and study, so he moved to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Joern still lives in Scotland, but has exchanged the torturing city life for the quiet Scottish countryside where he likes nothing better than introducing the local livestock to old country western tunes.


  • Hamburg International Short Film Festival
  • The Norwegian Short Film Festival
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival
  • London International Film Festival 2009. UK
  • International Filmets Barcelona, 2008. Spain
Contact: /

YOU'RE THE STRANGER HERE written and directed by Tom GEENS and produced by Zorana PIGGOTT.

‘You’re the stranger here…’ is a story about a middle-aged woman with a crazy leg. She lives in a fascist regime where people with her condition get shot on the spot. Inspired by the courageous death of one of her fellow sufferers, she goes on an all or nothing quest to change the world, falling in love with her executor in the process.

Tom Geens is Belgian and moved to London in 1993. Very much a self-educated filmmaker who through a combination of acting, advertising and writing ended up making short after short. With not bad results, winning prizes for several of them. He earns his daily bread by shooting commercials and promos. Tom made his first feature, MENTEUR (LIAR) in Belgium last year. It is a micro-budget film, funded by ARTE and the French speaking community in Belgium. It premiered at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in July 2009. YOU’RE THE STRANGER HERE is Tom’s latest short film. Shot on SVHS the film was made as part of the Cinema Extreme scheme run by UK Film Council and Film4.


The Chicken Factory Ltd./011 Productions Ltd

SONGS FOR MY MOTHER written and directed by Directed by Jane & Louise WILSON and produced by Claire NEATE-JAMES.

FIVE projects have been green lit in 2007:

ALEX AND HER ARSE TRUCK written and directed by Sean CONWAY and produced by Samm HAILLAY.

Alex and Her Arse Truck looks at a dogfart nymphomanic and her zelophile boyfriend.

Sean graduated with a 1st Class BA Honours Degree from filmschool at Northumbria University. His debut short film Rocco Paris (2004) won numerous awards and was well received on the festival circuit. Rabbit Stories (2006), made its UK premiere at the Times BFI 50th London Film Festival in October 2006. He has sold his first feature film script LOVE to Dazed Film & TV which is to be directed by Rankin. Sean directed a music promo for Leeds based electronic rock band Parisman’s A Place that Glows (2005), which played on MTV2 for 12 consecutive weeks, and is currently working on their follow up single. He has penned the experimental prose novella Son of Steve (2007) and several of his short stories and poems have been published in various presses, publications and anthologies.

  • Hull International Film Festival 2008, UK
  • East End Film 2008 London, UK
  • Hamburg ISFF 2008, Germany
  • CineVegas 2008, USA
Produced by Samm Haillay through 2am Films. Contact: / Mob: +44 (0) 7866 559 541 /

Rights: Third Films (Samm Haillay) / Sales: Future Shorts (Katie Metcalfe -

ISLAND written and directed by Matt PALMER and produced by Rachel ROBEY.

A maritime warden who investigates an unauthorized presence on a private island.

ISLAND is Matt Palmer’s second short film and continues the development of a style established in his first short Daylight Hole, which was highly successful on the International Film Festival circuit. Matt is currently developing a feature film project with The Bureau.

  • Edinburgh Film Festival 2008, UK
  • Worldwide Shorts Festival 2008, Toronto
Produced by Al Clarke through Wellington Films. Contact: / Mob: +44 (0) 7971 425 440 /

Rights & Sales: Al Clark & Rachel Robey -

MUCH ADO ABOUT A MINOR TING written and directed by Jesse LAWRENCE and produced by Kaleem AFTAB.

Eighteen year-old Rene returns to West London to track down his ex sweet heart. But why is there a £150 price on his head?

Jesse studied painting and photography at Chelsea Art College and cut his teeth writing and acting in the theatre before turning his attention to digital video, where he directed and produced a string of documentaries that were all broadcast or selected for film festival competition. The Blank Slate short, Mash Up, marked a return to drama for Jesse as did the Cinema Extreme, Much Ado About A Minor Ting.

Jesse is a director at the BAFTA/Rocliffe New Writing Forum and is represented by Matthew Dench. He also has a slate of feature film projects in development.

Produced by Kaleem Aftab through La Famiglia. Contact: / See the trailer:

Rights & Sales: Kaleem Aftab -

NAVAL written and directed by Johnny BARRINGTON and produced by Anna DUFFIELD.

Rights & Sales: Sigma Films (Anna Duffield) -

NEW LOVE written and directed by Laurence CORIAT and produced by Laerke VINDAHL.

NEW LOVE is a story set in the future. In a brave new world built on rationality, it plunges us into the irrational logics of love and desire.

Laurence has written, co-written or collaborated films such as Michael Winterbottom's WONDERLAND, Sandra Goldbacher's ME WITHOUT YOU. She wrote two short films taking her to international festivals. Laurence continues to collaborate with directors and is developing THE OPTIMIST to direct with Revolutional films. Laurence wrote MEXICO which she hopes to be her debut feature.

Produced by Laerke Vindahl Contact: / Tel: +45 20 63 01 53

Rights & Sales: Laerke Vindahl

FIVE projects were green lit in 2006:

AFTER THE RAIN directed by Gaelle DENIS and written by Gaelle DENIS and Sibel ARMUTCU.

Set in a typical east London high street during an a typical hot, dry, English summer AFTER THE RAIN is a love story, between neighbours Lian and Adrian, who suffer from surreal compulsive obsessive disorders. Lian, a Chinese waitress, evaporates when she cries, only coming back with the rain; while Adrian, the laundry man, coughs feathers in times of anxiety. As their worlds and disorders collide, we watch Lian and Adrian’s initial suspicion and distaste of one another give way to understanding, friendship and love. Tonally, After the Rain is a surreal comedy, addressing themes of love, ecology, racism and ignorance.

AFTER THE RAIN is currently re-mixing part of the music. The film has been accepted to the British Council Festival Tour and is currently entered into festivals around the world.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Brief Encounters (UK) 2006
  • Clermont-Ferrand (France) 2007
  • Britspotting – British/Irish Film Festival (Germany) 2007
  • Shadowline Salerno Film Festival/Festival delle Culture Giovani (Italy) 2007
  • Best Short Film DiBa Digital Barcelona Film Festival (Spain) 2007 – Young Jury DiBa Club
  • PIFan Puchon International Film Festival (Korea) 2007
  • Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2007

Rights & Sales: Passion Pictures (Erika Forzy)

DOG'S MERCURY written and directed by Martin RADICH and produced by Jane HOOKS.

Rights & Sales: Jane Hooks -

HALLO PANDA written and directed by the BLAINE BROTHERS and produced by Barrington Paul ROBINSON and Quinny SACKS.

An unromantic comedy about a man who has to masturbate a talking black and white bear.

Since making HALLO PANDA Chris and Ben have moved to Patagonia where their painter-decorator service has become increasingly in demand due to their excellent plastering and shelf-making skills.

  • Halloween, UK
  • Encounters, UK
  • DeReel Independent, Australia
  • Victoria Independent, Australia
  • Hollywood Film, Beverley Hills, USA
  • The International Sweet Onion, Walla Walla, USA
  • Swansea Bay, Swansea, Wales
  • Filmmaker Festival & Filmmaker Award, Margate, UK
  • Golden Lion, Swaziland
  • Anchorage International, Anchorage, USA
Produced by Quinny Sacks and Barrington Paul Robinson through Charlie Productions. Contact: /

Rights & Sales: Charlie Productions (Paul Barrington Robinson and Quinny Sacks)

HONEYMOON written and directed by Miranda BOWEN and produced by Lisa TRNOVSKI.

Newly married couple, Dawn and Zoran, stop off at a motorway service station en route to their honeymoon. Dawn goes to the toilet and when she returns, Zoran has disappeared. During her search for him, Dawn meets a number of people who serve to heighten her sense of alienation, insecurity and mistrust. She becomes increasingly convinced that her new husband has abandoned her and she begins to question how well she really knows him.

Miranda graduated from Central St Martins in 1998 with a degree in Fine Art Film and Video and, determined not to be yet another art school graduate working as a temp, she set up the Glue Factory, an arts organisation which staged shows in disused warehouses across London. She wrote and directed STAGNATE (a short about a receptionist who turns into a plant) after succumbing to temp work, but swiftly commenced a career in advertising. She continues to work in commercials, has written a number of short stories and is currently working on a number of feature film projects after her success with HONEYMOON in 2006

Miranda has just returned from a trip to Namibia to research one of her feature projects SKELETON COAST which is being developed by Film 4. She is also involved in the Warp X scheme, Darklights, which encourages women directors to engage in the horror genre, and is currently at the script writing stage. She has interest from Canal + in PLEASURE ISLAND, a multi-stranded drama inter-weaving the lives of tourists and locals on the hedonistic sands of Gran Canaria. She continues to work in commercials and is working on a collection of short stories.

  • Prix du Moyen Metrage Brest International Short Film Festival
  • Encounters Short Film Festival
  • Travelling Film Festival- Rennes
  • Halloween Short Film Festival
  • River Run International Film Festival
  • Britspotting festival and German Tour
  • Brisbane International Film Festival
  • Independent Producers International Film Festival, Romania
Produced by Lisa TRNOVSKI through 2am Films. Contact: / Tel: 020 7428 8800 /

Rights: Lisa Trnovski / Sales: Future Shorts (Katie Metcalfe -

SOFT written and directed by Simon ELLIS and produced by Jane HOOKS.

A father rediscovers his fear of confrontation, at the worst possible time.

Graduated from Nottingham Trent University (Fine Art BA Hons) in 1995, specialising in stills photography. Written and directed many short films and music videos since then, resulting in several awards, various invitations to international film festival juries, and a number of retrospective programmes worldwide. International sales include both terrestrial and non-terrestrial broadcasts, from airline acquisitions to MTV rotations. Currently in post-production on first feature film.

The Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw recently wrote about SOFT in his blog and Simon ELLIS has shared his experiences in a video blog of the Hamburg International Film Festival where he won a couple of awards.

Festivals & Awards:
  • International Jury Prize Sundance 2008, USA
  • Special Jury Prize Flickerfest International 2008
  • Special Mention Cleveland International 2008
  • 1st Place Winner British Academy of Film & TV Arts 2008, LA
  • Best of the Fest Palm Springs International 2007, USA
  • Grand Prize Indie Shorts Competition Florida 2007, USA
  • Best Live-Action Short Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival 2007
  • Teenage Jury Award London Short 2007, UK
  • Young Jury Award Festival Touts Courts Aix-En-Provence 2007
  • Best Direction Short Ourense International 2007, France
  • 1st Place Winner British Academy of Film & TV Arts 2008, LA
  • Best British Short Encounters 2007, UK
  • Best Short Fiction Message to Man Film Festival 2007
  • Best Direction Capalbio Cinema International Short Film Festival 2007
  • Best of the Fest Palm Springs International 2007, USA
  • Prix UIP Edinburgh International 2007, UK
  • Best Film Interfilm International 2007, Berlin
  • Best Short International Festival Cinema tout Ecran 2007, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Best Film Colchester International 2007, UK
  • Best International Film Imago International 2007, Fundao, Portugal
  • Best International Short Belo Horizonte International 2007, Brazil
  • Best International Fiction Concorto 2007, Italy
  • Best Drama NYC Shorts 2007, USA
  • Best Screenplay Ludwigsburg European 2007, Biennale, Germany
  • Short Film Award: Runner-Up Rushes Soho, London, UK
  • Students Jury Award Milano 2007, Italy
  • Audience Award Filmstock International 2007, Luton, UK
  • Audience Award DC Shorts, Washington, USA
  • Best Editing Mantattan 2007, New York City, USA
  • Special Mention Dokufest International Prizren 2007, Kosovo
  • Audience Award and Special Mention Hamburg Int'l Short Film Festival 2007, Germany
  • Special Mention Tofifest International 2007, Poland
  • Special Mention Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche 2007, Germany
  • Curtas Vilo da Conde International 2007, Portugal
  • Brindisi 2007, Italy
  • West Side 2007, Valletta, Malta
  • Cambridge Film Festival 2007, UK
  • Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival 2007, Brazil
  • Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 2007, USA
  • Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2007, London, UK
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival 2007, UK
  • Sapporo International Short Film Festival / Japan (2007)
  • DC Shorts Film Festival / Washington, USA (2007)
  • Aarhus Film Festival / Denmark (2007)
  • Cork International Film Festival / Ireland (2007)
  • International Short Film Festival Leuven / Belgium (2007)
  • Dresden International Short Film Festival / Germany (2007)
  • Pris de Courts International Short Film Festival / Paris (2007)
  • Festival de Cine de Huesca / Spain (2007)
  • Krakow Film Festival / Poland (2007)
Produced by Jane HOOKS at Perfume Films, contact: /

Rights: Perfume Films (Jane Hooks) / Sales: Network Ireland Television (Derry O'Brien - derry@network-irl-tv)

FIVE projects were green lit in 2003/2004:

MONSTERS writen and directed by Rob MORGAN.

Set in the hermetically sealed world of English middle-class family life, this is the st ory of nine year old Stan. He is a quiet and sullen child, alienated from his parents and spiteful older sist er Mary, with whom he endures a turbulent relationship. As the crisis intensifies Stan withdraws into a world populated by violent fantasies. Until he finally runs away and the fantasy becomes reality.

Robert Morgan is a London based filmmaker. He has written and directed four short films, which between them have won over 30 international awards. He is currently developing numerous feature length film projects.

  • Winner of the Audience Prize Halloween Festival (ICA, London) 2004
  • Winner of the Silver Melies Award Leeds International Film Festival 2005
  • Grand Prize of European Fantasy Short Film Leeds International Film Festival 2005
  • Runner up Audience Award Dead By Dawn Film Festival 2005
  • Winner Director’s Choice Award Boston Underground Film Festival 2005
  • Sheffield Showcomotion Young People's Film Festival 2005
  • Montreal Film Festival 2005
  • Fantasia Film Festival 2005
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival 2004
  • Bang! Short Film Festival 2005
  • Stockholm Film Festival 2004
  • The Fucking Fabulous Film Festival 2005
  • Toronto Worldwoide Short Film Fest 2006
  • Dresden Film Festival 2005
  • San Sebastian Horror Film Festival 2005
  • Brief Encounters Short Film Festival 2005

MONSTERS is produced by Sylvie BRINGAS at Animus Films, contact:

Rights & Sales: Animus Films (Sylvie Bringas)

STRANGE LITTLE GIRLS written and directed by Savina DELLICOUR.

Two teenage girls go to town. They are determined for their day to be an adventure. Believing they are grown up and in control, they test the boundaries of the adult world until they are exposed...

  • Winner of the Voice Award 3rd Singapore Shorts Film Festival 2006 - "for films which 'Champion the voice and free rein of the independent spirit'."
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival 2004
  • Brief Encounters Short Film Festival, Bristol 2004
  • Stockholm International Film Festival, Sweden 2004
  • Festival Premiere Plans, Angers, France 2005
  • Tampere International Short Film Festival, Finland 2005
  • Commonwealth Film Festival, Manchester 2005
  • Britspotting Film Festival, Berlin 2005
  • Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Germany 2005 Selected for International Competition/Children's and Youth Film Competition.
    Won Special Mention of the Cinema Jury: "We want to award a special mention to the film "Strange Little Girls" as a representative of the many beautiful films we saw in the Children's and Youth Film Competition. Because of its length, the film will rarely be presented as a programme picture, but we would like to recommend it anyway to the Hamburg Short Film Agency for their distribution catalogue."
  • Sheffield Showcomotion Young People's Film Festival 2005
  • Cinema Jove, Spain 2005
  • Syracuse 2005
  • Brisbane International Film Festival 2005
  • Cambridge Film Festival 2005
  • Soho Short Film Summer School 2005
  • Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival 2005
  • Drama International Short Film Festival, Greece 2005
  • European Short Film Biennale Ludwigsburg 2005
  • International Young Film & Video, Imago, Portugal 2005
  • Los Angeles International Short Film Festival 2005
  • Cork Film Festival 2005
  • Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2005
  • Brussels British Film Week 2005
  • International Short Film Festival Leuven 2005
  • DaKINO, Bucharest, 2005
  • 1st Prague Short Film Festival 2005
  • Halloween Short Film Festival, London 2006
  • Festival Paris Tout Court 2006
  • Shorts Attack, Interfilm Berlin, 'Teenage Kicks' 2006
  • Image, National British Film Week, Belgium 2006
  • Leuven Korts Short Film Festival, Belgium 2006
  • East End Film Festival 2006
  • Wood Green International Short Film Festival 2006
  • The Norwegian Short Film Festival 2006
  • 22nd International Short Film Festival, Hamburg 2006
  • Cosi fan Tutte Vienna Short Film Festival 2006
Produced by Josie LAW at Lunar Productions, contact: , website:

Rights: Lunar Productions (Josie Law) / Sales: Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg (Ingo Grell -
ONE MINUTE PAST MIDNIGHT is a sweet and surreal comedy set in the near future about our fear of change, written and directed by Celia GALAN JULVE.

Year 2058. Robert and Steve celebrate every New Year in the same 24-hour convenience store where they work the nightshift bemoaning the predictability of their lives. But when Robert discovers that the love of his life works on the dayshift, suddenly he has a big decision to make.

Celia GALAN JULVE graduated from the MA in Animation Direction at the Royal College of Art in July 2002. Since then her graduation film 'Historia Del Desierto' has screened at over forty festivals worldwide. Prizes include 'Best Animated Short Film' at the Ninth Annual IFP Los Angeles Film Festival, 'Best Animated Short' at the Philadelphia Film Festival and the Second Prize at the Cinefondation section at Cannes Film Festival.

Last year Celia took part in the 9th Session of The Cannes Festival Residence programme.

Festivals :
  • Official Competition Edinburgh International Film Festival 2004
  • Official Competition Brief Encounters 2004
  • Finalist KODAK Short Film Showcase 2005
  • Gold Hugo for Best Short Film Chicago International Film Festival 2005
ONE MINUTE PAST MIDNIGHT is produced by Paola MINAZZATO at Intrepido, contact:

Rights & Sales: Intrepido (Paolo Miazzato)
GET THE PICTURE by Rupert WYATT tackles head on the dilemmas faced by a photojournalist witnessing a war atrocity: In a world which demands newsworthy pictures to such a degree that some people will stop at nothing to get the scoop, where does responsibility lie - with the photographer, the newspapers, the government or the public itself? And who is it that decides what is the truth and what is a lie...?

Rupert WYATT studied Comparative Literature and Film Theory in Paris, where he started working as a screenwriter and director. He was t he founding member of The Farm, a film collective whose first production was the Sundance award-winning documentary 'Dark Days' (dir. Marc SINGER). As writer/director, his most recent production for The Farm was the short film 'Subterrain'.

FOURTH WALL, the feature continuation of GET THE PICTURE has been picked up by Qwerty Films (I HEART HUCKABEES, KINSEY) for a winter 2005 shoot.

  • Winner - Audience Prize - Best Short Cambridge Film Festival, UK
  • 2nd place Best Short Rushes Film Festival
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival World Premiere
  • Shorticulture London
  • Chicago Film Festival North American Premiere
  • Brief Encounters Film Festival
  • Stockholm Film Festival Scandinavian Premiere
  • Foyle Film Festival Irish Premiere
  • Halloween Short Film Festival Outstanding Cinematography Section
  • Tampere Film Festival Finnish Premiere
  • Florida Film Festival East Coast Premiere
  • Commonwealth Film Festival
  • Britspotting and Tour German Premiere
  • Worlwide Short Film Festival, Toronto Canadian Premiere
  • Melbourne Internation Film Festival Australian Premmiere
  • Silhouette Short Film Festival French Premiere
  • Libertas Film Festival Croatian Premiere
  • International Short Film Festival in Drama Greek Premiere
  • Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival
  • Leeds International Film Festival
  • Cinema Slam
GET THE PICTURE is produced by Adrian STURGES at Picture Farm Ltd, contact:

Rights & Sales: Picture Farm Ltd (Adrian Sturges)
FLOATING by Mark WALKER follows a mid-thirties couple in a marriage that is less functional than they realise. The story follows a day and a night in which the flaws in the relationship become more than apparent and their separation becomes inevitable.

Mark WALKER graduated in Fiction Direction from the NFTS in January 2003 where he directed commercials and shorts including 'Sea Monsters' and 'Scorn'. His commercial 'Nosferatu: Immortalise The Moment' won 2nd Prize at the Kodak Student Awards 2003 and won the 1st Prize for Production Design.

Floating is currently screening in cinemas all over the UK as part of Brief Encounters on Tour, a showcase celebrating the best international short films from the UK's leading short film festival.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Official Competition Brief Encounters 2004
  • Official Competition Edinburgh Film Festival 2004
FLOATING is produced by Lachlan MACKINNON at Intrepido, contact:

Rights & Sales: Intrepido (Lachlan MacKinnon)

The 2003/2004 Cinema Extreme short films premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2004

FOUR projects were green lit in 2002:

THE BYPASS by Amit KUMAR is a circular tale that takes place on a desert road in Rajasthan, India where danger lurks around every corner and the saying "what goes around comes around" is nowhere truer than here. It is written and directed by Amit KUMAR a graduate of the Film and Television Institute of India who has worked extensively as a director of documentaries and shorts both in India and abroad. He also worked closely with Asif KAPADIA as Assistant Director on his critically acclaimed debut feature THE WARRIOR.

Festivals & Awards:
  • 2nd Prize - Turner Classic Movies Competiton London Film Festival 2004
THE BYPASS is produced by Trevor INGMAN, contact:

Rights & Sales: Yaffle Films (Trevor Ingman)
WASP written and directed by Andrea ARNOLD

A young mother lies about having four kids and leaves them in the pub car park while she goes on a date. Andrea recently wrote and directed feature ‘Red Road’ which has won 24 International Awards including the Grand Jury Prize at The Cannes International Film Festival 2006.

WASP Awards 2004-2005:
  • Best Short Bermuda 2004
  • Nominated Best British Short BIFA 2004
  • Best International Short Cork 2004, Ireland
  • Golden Dragon Cracow 2004, Poland
  • Principle Prize Oberhausen 2004
  • Prize of the Ecumenical Jury - Honorable Mention Oberhausen 2004
  • Ministry of Culture Prize Oberhausen 2004, Germany
  • Best Film Palm Springs 2004, USA
  • Best Short Stockholm 2004, Germany
  • Best Live Action Short Toronto 2004, Canada
  • Short Filmmaking Award Sundance 2005
  • Best Live Action Short - Oscar® Academy Awards 2005
  • Special Mention Jury Aspen, USA
  • Time Out Critics Prize Halloween London ICA
  • Special Jury Mention Creteil International Women's, France
  • Best International Short Regensburg, Germany
  • Official Selection (Great Expectations) Telluride, USA
  • Best Director Imago, Portugal
  • Jeunes Auteurs Europeens Prize Ameins, France
  • Best Fiction MFA, Spain
  • Best Overall Film of Jury and Audience MFA, Spain
  • Best Actress, Natalie Press MFA, Spain
  • Best World Short Sonoma Valley, USA
  • Audience Award Cambridge, UK
  • Best Short Fiction Mediawave, Hungary
  • Best Acting Message to Man, Russia
  • 2nd Prize for Best Short Internazionale Cinema delle Donne, Italy
  • Audience Award Filmstock 2004, UK
  • Higly Recommended for Best International Short Seagate Foyle Film, Ireland
  • Special Jury Prize Flickerfest
  • Best Fiction Images en Vues, Canada
  • Best Direction Femina Women's, Brazil
  • Best Picture Guerilla Independent New York, USA
  • Best Actress Guerilla Independent New York, USA
  • Best Cinematography Guerilla Independent New York, USA
  • Best Director Guerilla Independent New York, USA
View WASP online...

Rights: Cowboy Films (Natasha Marsh) / Sales: Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg (Ingo Grell -
LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME ALONE (young love story) by Duane HOPKINS examines an inexperienced teenage couple as they hit the first serious hurdle in their young relationship and follows their attempts to come to terms with the realities of love and sex. The film is written and directed by Duane HOPKINS whose first short 'Field' was commissioned for Carlton's First Cut strand and has subsequently enjoyed a sustained run on the festival circuit including an invitation to International Critics Week at Cannes 2001.

Duane has completed his eagerly awaited debut feature BETTER THINGS, also produced by Samm Haillay.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Best British Short Edinburgh Film Festival 2003
  • Nominated Best British ShortBIFA 2004
  • Best Cinematography Brest European Film Festival 2003
  • Festival Award 48th Cork International 2003
  • Best European Short Leuven Kort 2003
  • Runner-Up Renconres-Audiovisuelles Lille 2004
  • Grand Prix Best Short Nice Film Festival 2004
  • Audience Award Filmstock Luton 2004
  • FEDEQ Plaque Montecatini 2004
  • Highly Recommended Seagate Foyle (Derry) 2004
  • Best British Film Hull International Film Festival 2005
  • Best International Film Benicassim International Short Film Festival 2005
  • Best Actress Benicassim International Short Film Festival 2005
  • Runner-up Best Short Ludwigsburg European Short Film Festival 2005
  • Best International Film Kerry International Film Festival 2005
  • Tamashii Award Con-Can Film Festival 2006
  • Bristol (Brief Encounters - Out of Competition) 2003
  • MIFED Emerging European Filmmakers 2003
  • Stockholm 2003
  • Naples Film Festival 2003
  • London Halloween Film Festival 2004
  • Angers (Premier Plans) 2004
  • Cinequest 2004
  • Oberhausen Short Film Festival 2004
  • Berlin (Britspotting) 2004
  • Cracow 2004
  • Hamburg 2004
  • Vila Do Conde 2004
  • Cambridge 2004
  • Sarajevo 2004
  • Athens 2004
  • La Ciotat 2004
  • Drama 2004
  • Enzimi (Rome) 2004
  • Imago (Fundao - Portugal) 2004
  • Ghent 2004
  • Chicago 2004
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal 2004
  • Uppsala 2004
  • Aarhus 2004
  • Regensburg, Germany 2004
  • Gijon 2004
  • Exground (Wiesbaden) 2004
  • Bilbao International Short Film Festival 2004
  • Winterhur Film Festival 2004
  • Tirana International Film Festival 2004
  • Satellite Short Film Festival, Vancouver 2005
  • Tampere International Short Film Festival 2005
  • Sonar Film Festival, Florence 2005
  • Festival del cinema Europeo, Lecce 2005
  • Filmfest Dresden 2005
  • Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival 2005
  • Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz 2005
  • Transilvania Int. Film Festival 2005
  • Jerusalem Int. Film Festival 2005
  • Umea Int. Film Festival, Sweden 2005
  • Morbergno Film Festival, Italy 2005
  • Helsinki Int. Film Festival 2005
  • Int. Short Film Festival of Drama, Greece 2005
  • Panorama of European Cinema, Athens 2005
  • Panorama of European Cinema, Cyprus 2005
  • Aarhus 2005
  • Braunschweig 2005
  • Exground (Wiesbaden) 2005
Produced by Samm HAILLAY, contact:

Rights: Third Films (Samm Haillay) / Sales: Co-Production Office -
A CHANGED MAN written and directed by Jens JONSSON

Following a perpetual loser back to his school reunion determined this time to prove himself to his old classmates. It is written and directed by Jens has won awards all over the world with his short films and has had retrospectives in Cleremond Ferrand, Cork, Tampere, Gothenburg and Rotterdam. His TV-series “God Morning Children” was a huge critical sucess. His short film has resently been releasted in a 2-disc collection called “Jens Jonsson Collection”.

This year his first feautre “The King of Ping-Pong” will be released. He has also written “Ciao Bella” wich will be released in Sweden in august. Jens in preproduction for his next feature “Samurai Summer”. He has also written the project “A Rational Solution”.

At Sundance 2008 Jens received the World Cinema Jury Prize: Dramatic for KING OF PING PONG.

A CHANGED MAN is produced by Robert HERMAN at Stink, contact:

Rights & Sales: Robert Herman

For information about Cinema Extreme 2007 please click here or visit the UK Film Council website.