The main characters, a lawyer, his son, his wife, an oriental girl, an actor and a colleague) are getting ready for a book-signing party given to honor the writer in Harlem. Fragments of the writer’s old video tapes will interrupt the footage prior to the party. The film follows the events which happen to the six characters as they go to and return from the party. Isolated – like fish in a bowl – the party is being watched by the neighbourhood. While the black people have to deal with the practicality of life, the party people are obsessed with their identity, their status, their success. But the writer himself never turns up. In the end, we can understand the artist’s fear and his doubts; that is the irony… of belonging to an “elite group of New Yorkers”.


1992 – 1h – Comedy Drama – USA
With: Paola Igliori, Zohra Lampert

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