Fredi and Alain live together in a garage, pinch cats and return them to their owners against a finder’s reward. While Fredi has settled into this way of life, Alain still makes himself out to be a businessman who owns a company.
He is determined to keep up this image towards his 16-year-old daughter Tanja, who lives with her mother. Tanja is the lead singer in a girl’s rock band. When the band has to move from one practice room to another, Alain offers to transport the music equipment and instruments in his ”company van“. Unfortunately, he causes an accident en route which plunges him into dire financial straits. Alain and Fredi decide to pull off a big coup: they nick Diana, a spiritist’s ”magic cat“ – not a very wise move…


1996 – 1h25 – Comedy – Switzerland
With: Babett Arens, Patrick Frey

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