Pam, a 14-year-old girl has just killed her lover, a man much older than her. This event sends us spinning back five years into the past. Pam, barely 9, is the dresser and minder of her mother Lily, whom she accompanies on her peregrinations throughout the cabaret scene, where she brings genuine artistry to a bland world of eroticism. Lily is an extravagant, unpredictable and naïve woman. Pam doesn’t know her father, has never set foot inside a classroom, and has taught herself to read by using a dictionary. The day Lily loses custody of her daughter, a world of dreams, glamor and fantasy collapses; Lily begins a descent into hell.


Original title: FLEURS DE SANG

2002 – 1h40 – Drama – France
With: Bruno Todeschini, Louise Szpindel, Tess Barthes

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