The Bureau Sales is thrilled to announce the selection of SO HELP ME GOD, by Jean Libon & Yves Hinant, in Official Competition at the 65th San Sebastian International Film Festival.

So Help Me God is the first ever feature length Strip-Tease documentary.
Strip-Tease is a Belgian television documentary program created in 1985 by the Belgian RTBF. It became a popular and critical success, celebrated for coining a new idiom representing everyday life in Belgium and France. These observations and sketches, often very funny or emotional, sometimes turned to the disturbing. It was the TV before reality TV, in which storytelling gave real people an epic dimension. Their aim was to create a new kind of documentary in which the commentators disappeared, giving the subjects themselves a platform from which to speak and gradually “undress” or reveal their private lives to the audience, allowing viewers to learn about them on a deeper, uncensored level.

The 65th San Sebastian International Film Festival will be held in San Sebastian, Spain, September 22-30, 2017


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